Jenny Delaney is a Success Coach who is passionate about assisting her clients to break through the barriers of their self limiting beliefs and creating a life and business of abundance, satisfaction and fulfilment.

Jenny has undergone extensive training with Paul and Mary Blackburn of Beyond Success (Canberra) in the field of Business Development (Entrepreneurs Master Class), Personal Development and Life Coach Training and enthusiastically implements her advanced skills, tools and strategies, to facilitate change and growth in her clients’ lives and businesses.

Jenny says “Every day is an opportunity to be the best version of ourselves!” and she delights in witnessing her clients empowering themselves to success!

Jenny started her career in the education field and has taught primary and secondary students in both public and private schools as well as mentoring teacher trainees at university. She has always thrived in challenging her students and this passion has now flowed to working with adults, as a Success Coach (thereby achieving a long term goal!)