Jenny’s immediate ‘call to ACTION’ increased my motivation to ‘move forward’. Together, we formulated goals and set a realistic timeline for their completion. We worked toward turning my ideas into reality. I had been so busy with the day to day running of our business that I kept overlooking the ‘big picture’ of growing our business. I always feel energised and focused after my sessions with Jenny. Being accountable to her has moved me in a positive direction.

– Sam Fenton, Community Technology Education

Jenny Delaney is my Success Coach and is working with me to guide the growth of my small business, frou frou chic. She is guiding me through a process of identifying my skills and strengths, assisting me to set realistic, achievable short and long term goals to move my business forward. She is providing me with tools and strategies to help me achieve my goals. Jenny’s vast experience and training as a teacher and a coach, combined with her tireless enthusiasm for helping others, makes her a valuable resource for anyone wishing to gain the confidence to ‘make things happen’!

– Heather Cowie,

I would still be tossing around ideas over coffee if I had not met with Jenny. I am now about to release a set of cards for sale. I will also release a limited edition of prints of each card and other paintings. I met with Jenny over a number of sessions. Practical, insightful, achievable plans were made. Jenny was able to listen to me and ask questions that demonstrated her integrity. Unexpected wisdom and guidance helped me. Jenny has so many contacts and local knowledge that even in the first session I left with a plan to make a phone call when I got to my car. Taking small steps was important to me and Jenny seemed to recognize this. So, I always left with an accountable plan before the next meeting. There was never pressure from Jenny to power on to achieve success. Although an incredibly dynamic person, Jenny has the sensitivity needed to not over power. Thank you Jenny, I honestly never expected that you could somehow work with me to bring me to where I am now with this new venture.

– Jo Daly, Bendigo

I have attended a number of workshops with Jenny. I found them very informative and motivating. I was able to build on my previous knowledge and experience and it was good to be given practical examples to redefine my focus. I felt motivated and with an informed focus for change. This enabled me to order my thoughts and develop a well planned sequence, within a realistic timeframe and gain momentum with my achievements. It’s now over 12 months since I participated in the Goal Setting Workshop with Jenny. I have applied the information and concepts, making significant progress in achieving the goals I had set for myself. I not only found the workshops useful but also enjoyable. For those considering attending her workshops, you will find Jenny is able to address questions and relay powerful concepts in a relaxed and interactive manner.

– Rod McKinnon, Marong

I first knew Jenny Delaney when she taught me as a grade 6 student. Just recently, Jenny approached me to design her logo and prepare her website for her  business. After clarifying her requirements, the conversation quickly turned to me and my business. Jenny asked questions and showed a genuine interest and enthusiasm. Her questions seemed to get ‘straight to the point’ and soon uncovered our needs which had been ‘in my head’ for too long!

– Dale Harris, Bendigo