Jenny’s book, Taking Your Life From OK To Awesome will take you from just surviving to fully thriving.

If you have ever wished that life was not such a struggle and that you felt more positive and motivated to do what you want to do, then this book is for you.

It is written in an easy to read, relatable style and is full of simple and effective tools that actually work.

It will help you discover what you can do to:

  • Get clarity around your beliefs and values
  • Feel more confident, energised and effective
  • Have a clear sense of direction and purpose
  • Eliminate self- sabotage and conquer your fears
  • Develop a plan and start to do what you have always wanted to do

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‘TAKING YOUR LIFE FROM OK TO AWESOME’ is great for anyone who is serious about improving the quality of their lives and relationships. It has helped me grow in confidence and general wellbeing and I now feel more positive about my future direction. I now think about my life in a different, more positive way.
Gail Butler

‘I am an enthusiastic participant in Jenny’s workshops. When I heard about the book ‘TAKING YOUR LIFE FROM OK TO AWESOME’ I was very excited. Now I have a constant reference to keep me motivated and on track. It contains loads of things to keep me positive and keep me moving forward. Thanks Jenny!’
Cheryl Parry

About the Author

Jenny Delaney is a Success Coach who is passionate about assisting her clients to break through the barriers of their limiting beliefs to create a life of abundance, satisfaction and fulfilment.

Jenny enthusiastically implements her advanced coaching skills, tools and strategies to nurture change and growth in her clients’ lives.

Jenny says ‘I love to inspire others to see their own brilliance’.

She is highly intuitive and has a practical, action centred approach. She draws upon her broad life experience, and extensive coaching skills to assist her clients on a success path.